MAC Pulse Valve

The Dynamo Difference

Dynamo is the only dust collection system to offer MAC valves as a standard. The quality values on the market, they help to drive down the overall cost of ownership. Increasing filter life by 20-30% requiring little to no maintenance, and saving energy and compressed air.

5 Ways We Lower Your Total Cost of Ownership
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Best Filter Life

20-30% Longer Than Competitors

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Lowest Cost of Ownership

Quality Parts = Reduced Maintenance,
Energy and Compressed Air Savings

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OSHA / NFPA Compliant

Meets NFPA 652 & 654 explosion standards and OSHA's safety requirements

Machine operator working in a welding environment.

Dynamo Dust Collectors are built to face the safety and air quality challenges thousands of factories are faced with on a daily basis. From blasting to thermal spraying, Dynamo is the absolute best solution for any application.

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An Industrial dust collector dissected.
How it works

Dynamo Dust Collectors come equipped with MAC Pulse Valves as standard. MAC valves are designed to replace diaphragm technology to provide improved pulse efficiency that has direct, measurable results on energy costs.

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Dynamo Dust Collector Units
Case Studies

View our case studies to learn about how Dynamo Dust Collectors and MAC Pulse Valves have helped improve indoor air quality, employee safety, energy usage, and overall production in facilities like yours.

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Industrial Work Environment
The Dynamo Difference

Get an in-depth look at the inner details and complete construction of Dynamo Dust Collectors. From Nanofiber filters to touch-screen control panels, we've broken down every feature to demonstrate the Dynamo difference.

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Dynamo offers all of the products and engineering consulting for your dust collection needs.

Dynamo Dust Collector
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Dynamo Dust Collector Units

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Nordfab Quick Fit Ducting Parts
Nordfab Ducting

Dust Collector Ducting

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Explosion Isolation Valve and High Speed Abort Gate
Explosion Isolation Valve

No Return Valves / High Speed Abort Gates

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Dynamo Dust Collector Unit

About Dynamo Dust Collectors

Dynamo Dust Collectors are designed by Air Cleaning Specialists Inc., to provide a superior solution for industrial facilities faced with the dangers of hazardous dust.

Dynamo sets the new standard. Each detail of our dust collector design has been hand-selected by industry experts to ensure the highest level of quality. Housed in the heaviest steel construction, MAC Pulse Valves, Mechanovent blowers, and Nanofiber Filters work together to provide the most efficient dust collection solution.

To complete the dust collection system, we offer a full selection of Nordfab Quick-Fit ducting and BOSS explosion isolation valves and high-speed abort gates to guarantee the safest working conditions.

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