MAC Pulse Valve

The Difference Is in the Valve

• Balanced pilot technology ensures fast, repeatable pulses.

• The body construction of a Pulse Valve uses bonded spool technology to offer remarkable reliability that reaches beyond diaphragm technology.

• A checked accumulator and main spool with memory spring are used to secure a shift back to the home position when air supply isn't sufficient.

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Diaphragm Valves Tear

What This Means for You

• The compressor has to compensate with more air resulting in more electricity usage and higher cost of ownership.

• A malfunctioning diaphragm valve can cause negative performance in other valves on the manifold.

• Within a very short time after the diaphragm valve is in place a small leak can occur.

• When leaks don't result in a detrimental tear, they can be hard to find. If they go undetected, it can cost thousands of dollars of increased costs before they are found and repaired.

• A multitude of case studies has proven that there is an expense increase of 20-30% when operating a diaphragm valve vs. a MAC Pulse Valve.

Dynamo Dust Collector Control Panel

What Is Pulse/Clean on Demand?

1. Dust build-up causes a pressure drop across the filters.

2. The drop in pressure is constantly being monitored by a Photohelic switch/gage.

3. When it exceeds a preset limit, the gage activates a cleaning cycle.

4. The valves pulse.

5. A higher impact pulse results in less frequent intervals.

6. The system operates less often which saves energy.

Dynamo Dust Collector Unit

Dynamo Collectors Offer:

D-seal technology isolates the solenoid: As a result of MAC’s innovative solution, contamination, sticking and burning are reduced and the valve has a longer life.

4-way pilot: Maximizes shifting forces.

Lifting solenoid: Consistent response.

Substantially longer life: Many years of service with no maintenance.

Easy conversion: a wide variety of custom adapter plates available by request.

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