MAC Pulse Valves

Dynamo Dust Collectors come standard with MAC Pulse Valves to guarantee the highest standard of quality and operating efficiency.

The MAC Pulse Valve series was developed to provide a stronger and more reliable solution for industrial applications. These Pulse Valves are designed to replace existing diaphragm style technology that is commonly found in applications such as dust collectors and jet baghouses, pneumatic conveying and bulk material handling.

The Difference Is in the Valve

  • Balanced pilot technology ensures fast, repeatable pulses.
  • The body construction of a Pulse Valve uses bonded spool technology to offer remarkable reliability that reaches beyond diaphragm technology.
  • A checked accumulator and main spool with memory spring are used to secure a shift back to the home position when air supply isn't sufficient.

Benefits of MAC Pulse Valves

  • Designed for high efficiency
  • Eliminates known failure points
  • Lowers maintenance costs
  • Makes conversion quick and easy with a bolt-on design
  • Optimized for harsh environments
  • Significantly decreases energy costs

Diaphragm Valves Tear. What This Means for You:

  • The compressor has to compensate with more air resulting in more electricity usage and higher cost of ownership.
  • A malfunctioning diaphragm valve can cause negative performance in other valves on the manifold.
  • Within a very short time after the diaphragm valve is in place a small leak can occur.
  • When leaks don't result in a detrimental tear, they can be hard to find. If they go undetected, it can cost thousands of dollars of increased costs before they are found and repaired.
  • A multitude of case studies has proven that there is an expense increase of 20-30% when operating a diaphragm valve vs. a MAC Pulse Valve.

Diaphragm Valves are Less Efficient. Why This Matters:

  • With improved pulse efficiency, business owners see direct, measurable results on energy costs.
  • High impact force allows for better cleaning, less pulsing and improved bag and filter life.
  • MAC's whip action produces shorter pulse
  • Improved pulse efficiency has direct, measurable results on energy costs. MAC valves = energy savings.
  • High impact force has a number of benefits, including better cleaning, less pulsing and improved bag and filter life.
  • MAC's whip action produces shorter pulse duration which results in air savings.

What Is Pulse/Clean on Demand?

  1. Dust build-up causes a pressure drop across the filters.
  2. The drop in pressure is constantly being monitored by a Photohelic switch/gage.
  3. When it exceeds a preset limit, the gage activated a cleaning cycle.
  4. The valves pulse.
  5. A higher impact pulse results in less frequent intervals.
  6. The system operates less often which saves energy

What is timed cleaning?

  • A Magnehelic gage displays the static pressure inside of the dust collector.
  • The time that valves are fired is pre-configured in the controller. The time is normally set up based on time (ms) distributed across the number of pulse valves in the array.
  • When the preset limit is exceeded, the timed sequence activates and the valves pulse.
  • A higher impact pulse means the system can be programmed to operate less frequently which in turn saves energy.

In short, Dynamo Dust Collectors offer

  • D-seal technology isolates the solenoid: As a result of MAC’s innovative solution, contamination, sticking and burning are reduced and the valve has a longer life
  • 4-way pilot: Maximizes shifting forces
  • Lifting solenoid: Consistent response.
  • Substantially longer life: Many years of service with no maintenance
  • Easy conversion: a wide variety of custom adapter plates available by request
  • There are many, significant advantages of a MAC spool design:
    • Bonded = dynamic, longer life
    • Wiping action = self cleaning
    • Balanced design = repeatable purges
    • Precision ground spool = air savings