The Dynamo Difference

Dynamo Dust Collectors Filter Change Savings Graphic

It’s our goal to provide customers with high-quality solutions that cut operating costs while outperforming the competition. To prove our dedication, we ensure that each element of our industrial dust collectors lowers the total cost of ownership. Here are 5 ways how:


High-Quality Parts

Dynamo Dust Collectors are constructed of high-quality, American made parts that are backed by great warranties to prove our commitment to customer satisfaction.


Mac Pulse Valves

MAC Pulse Valves operate using a clean on demand system that activates a cleaning cycle when dust build-up causes a pressure drop across filters.

The higher impact pulse of MAC valves results in less frequent intervals and overall system operation which saves energy.


Nanofiber Filters

Our nanofiber filters are up to 50% more efficient on submicron sized particles, up to 70% finer, and are more durable and superior in adhesion to media substrate than ordinary nanofiber filters.

Our filters maximize filter replacement, compressed air, and energy savings.


Mechanovent Blowers

Mechanovent Blowers provide superior aerodynamic performance and are designed to withstand the harshest and most demanding industrial applications resulting in longer life cycles.

Mechanovent is a subsidiary of The New York Blower Company, all NYB products undergo extensive performance, sound, and quality assurance testing.


Touchscreen Control Panels

Touchscreen Control Panels allow our dust collectors to offer facilities the most modern technology.

With quick diagnostics, our touchscreen control panels have the ability to indicate exactly where an issue is inside of a dust collector eliminating the time technicians spend on troubleshooting.