Nordfab Quick Fit Ducting Parts

Dust Collector Ducting

Dust collection ductwork draws particulate away from industrial processing machines to filter and clean air that is either returned to the work environment or exhausted outside of the facility.

These ducting systems include fittings and pipes that range from 3" - 24" in diameter and feature double-rolled connecting edges that clamp into place to provide heavy-duty seals.

Nordfab dust collector ducting is designed to withstand high air pressure, minimize air resistance and reduce static pressure loss making it ideal for material handling applications.

This style of quick-fit ducting doesn't require screws, welds, flanges or any other costly fastening method. QF dust collector duct cuts installation time in half increasing productivity, and offers many other advantages:

  • Easily maintained
  • Simply add duct to existing or older ducting systems
  • Save on installation expenses
  • No welding seams
  • No gooey caulks or sealants
  • Cleans easily
  • Can be moved during floor changes
  • 4-5 day lead times!
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