After: The results were dramatic. The dust collection system was started and the entire system of valves run for 10 minutes. for the purpose of this test, no other devices were operating. The augar and air cannons remained off.

The depth of the material collected underneath the Mac valves is approximately four feet deep. The portion of the hopper underneath the diaphragm valves had about eight inches of collected material. That’s quite a significant difference; the Mac pulse valves collected approximately 83% more under identical conditions.

The higher impact force of their pulses allowed the cycle to complete fully, with the dust released into the bottom of the augar, where it belonged, instead of clinging to the bags. That higher impact force has a number of benefits, including better cleaning, less pulsing, improved bag and filter life and air savings.

Measurable and remarkable results: After 10 minutes, the Mac pulse valves had collected around 4’ of airborne carpet dust. On the side of the hopper underneath the diaphragm valves, there was approximately 8” of collected material. The bags above the Mac valves remained cleaner as well.


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